Alek, the Human Psion, with his faithful companion Lygo


A silver tongued Psion with a hidden purpose…


Born in the City of Raam in a noble family. Alek spent much of his childhood in schooling, for knowledge was the only true gateway to power. When Alek became of age, he began training as a Psion. He soon surpassed the other students with his psychic abilities, even to a point where Alek believed he was superior to his instructors. Thus, he began his own training. He wondered the streets listening to others thoughts, learning how people reacted to one other. With this knowledge, Alek became very persuasive in his speech. He craved more knowledge however.. and secretly began to study the topics of Arcane power. Though he cannot cast any arcane spells, he is very knowledgeable on the subject. This was the start to great knowledge.. but was also the beginnings of his downfall, for he was caught by the city guards. Before being sent to the Templar, Alek’s father payed the guards in many riches to release his son. However, Alek’s father was not saving his son, only punishing him more. He felt that Alek should be punished for the rest of his life rather than be put to death, and sold him to a traveling band of slavers.


Dark*Sun: The Terrors Of Athas Solard