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The endless wastes… The burning sand… The crimson sun… This is the world of Athas. It is a primal lanscape, the result of long centuries of ecological and magical abuses. The world is dying. It breathes its last gasps as water turns to silt, grasslands become sandy wastes, and jungles decay into stony barrens. Still, life finds ways to endure even in these hellish conditions. In fact, it thrives, under a Dark Sun.

Athas is a place of contrasts. Bleak deserts exist beside verdant belts, rocky badlands give way to thick forests, and scrub plains surround opulent oases. These contrasts go beyond environmental conditions. Magic, for example is relatively scarce and universally feared, while psionic powers are common and accepted part of life.

Water is more precious than gold in this resource depleted world, and metal of all sorts are likewise in short supply. Except heat and sun, blood and dust, few things can be found in abundance.

-The Wanderers Chronicle

Dark*Sun: The Terrors Of Athas

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