The Drunken Half-Giant

In a village south of Raam lived a half-giant named Junnai, a youth of great size whose sole love was ale. His fellows knew him as a drunkard. But the pleasant half-giant pulled his weight in a fight, so no one bothered him about his constant inebriation – no one but his brother, Trundai.

“Stop your drunken ways, brother,” Trundai said

But Junnai replied “I drink two tankards of ale at the inn every evening brother. And i shall do so until the inn runs dry!”

“Then at least cut down, dear brother, and drink but one this evening,” Trundai suggested.

Out of love for his brother, Junnai agreed. That evening he drank just one tankard of his beloved ale before heading home.

But when an elven runner found Junnai sitting, sobbing along the road back to his village, he stopped briefly to enquire. “Normally i can find my way by taking the middle road of the three blurry roads i see,” Junnai said. “But this evening I drank but one tankard of ale, so I see only two fuzzy roads before me.”
“I see,” said the elf. “I can help you see the third road, friend. Here, drink this.” THe elf handed Junnai a bottle of brew. The half-giant quickly and gratefully downed the elf’s gift, squinted along the path, and continued home.

The next morning, Trundai searched for the missing Junnai. He found him face down on the road, poisoned, his possessions stolen, the tracks of an elf all around.

The Drunken Half-Giant

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