Life is a mysterious and resilient thing. Even in the starkest wastes of Athas, the careful ovserver finds it clinging to the horns of sand dunes, peeking out from beneath wind-racked boulders, and creeping along the cracked plains of sun-baked clay.

To survive, almost every from of life has become a monster in one sense or another. These adaptions have taken an almost diabolical turn. Because the world is so barren, to some extent every creature is both predator and prey.

Be cautioned traveler. For even the most passive beast and sweetest flower is often deadly on Athas. In a world where creatures must kill or be killed, this is only logical. Still many people forget this rule when they see a brightly colored plant or a seemingly friendly ball of scales roll by.

Some monsters are simple beasts, with no more intelligence than the cunning cecessary to stalk prey or elude predators. Others are geniuses with powers and abilities far beyond the means of the average people struggling to survive…..

from the Wanders’s Journal


Dark*Sun: The Terrors Of Athas TheKillerGM