Adventuring Gear

The following items are widely available across the Tyr Region.

Desert Clothing:(10cp) Loose clothing in light colors reflects heat and retains the body’s moisture. When wearing desert clothing, you gain a +1 item bonus to Endurance checks against environmental dangers.

Disguise:(10cp) A disguise consists of a convincing outfit, makeup, and other accoutrement needed to pass oneself off as someone else. A disguise grants a +2 bonus to Bluff checks made to appear as someone else.

Distillation Kit:(50cp) Desert travelers use distillation kits to extract water from wastes or toxic fluids. The device “cooks” moisture from the materials and collects it in a reservoir. Using a distillation kit for 6 hours produces 1 day’s worth of water.

Dowsing Rod:(20cp) This forked rod can be used to ferret out hidden water reservoirs. It grants a +2 bonus to Nature checks made to forage.

Filter Mask:(1cp) Affixing this mask over the face allows the wearer to breathe normally in adverse conditions, such as a dust storm.

Fire Kit:(1cp) A fire kit includes sticks and a small bow. It is used to start a fire.

Rope, Giant Hair:(10cp) Woven from tough strands of giant hair, this rope is used for making strong cord. Giant hair rope has resist 10 to all damage.

Sun Balm:(50cp) Travelers value sun balm to ward against the sun’s pernicious effect. Sun balm grants a +2 bonus to Endurance checks made to endure heat.

Survival Day:(5cp) A survival day is an abstract representation of the preparations a traveler must make to navigate the wastelands without risk of exposure. Each survival day includes water, food, proper apparel, and common unguents to ward off sunburn.

Adventuring Gear

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