A wandering halfling witchdoctor and flesh gourmand haunted by the spirits of his dead tribe.


Being traded to the Gaping Maw tribe like a bag of beets, did not sit well with Biz’zic. He was the young apprentice to the witchdoctor Cauau of the Red Bark, after all. And, while he was not the best at his profession, Biz’zic was determined to live up to the responsibility given to him when he was chosen by the shaman himself.

The shaman to the Gaping Maw had died unexpectedly due to excessive bloodletting and he had not yet taken an apprentice of his own. This left the tribe at the mercy of the elements. Disease ran rampant and without proper burial rights being performed, the spirits of the deceased now lingered angrily.

Biz’zic drew upon all his training and knowledge in an battle for the village itself. Sadly, his skills was lacking and the young halfling seemed only able to prolong the suffering of the Gaping Maw, but not remove it.

The dark day finally came when news of an attack on the Red Bark tribe reached even the Gaping Maw. Biz’zic betrayed his charges and fled for home, hoping that somehow he could help.

What he found was devastation: the village and the great red tree in which they claimed as their home were burning and under siege by a group of marauders. Enraged by the discovery of his dead family and dying mentor, Biz’zic took up the totem of his master and rallied the elementals of the tree itself to him. With the spiritual remains of the Red Bark tribe at his back, Biz’zic’s primal fury drove the attackers away. Only when the battle was over and his blood rage sated, did the young witchdoctor hasten back to the Gaping Maw.

What he thought was only a day or so, had in fact been over a week. In the interim the stragglers of the Gaping Maw tribe had succumbed to the plague, their bloated and rotten corpses now filled the village square. Their enraged spirits accused Biz’zic of their deaths and cursed him, hounding his footsteps and chasing him through the wood.



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