Dark*Sun: The Terrors Of Athas

The Oasis

Under a dark sun by jasonengle

It took several days, but finally the sand dunes gave way to scrub planes. In the shimmering heat of the burning sun, the oasis they have been seeking was teasing them on the horizon…


Date: Unknown

We have finally reached a point where we can get some good rest, I was able to scavenge some of the hide of our fallen Mekillot, and with the help of my halfling companion scavenged some tools to write with. These last three days have been full of events, and I must admit.. I was ready to lose hope.

We were being moved from Urik to Tyr, to what was going to be our deaths. Someone is collecting slaves to build some giant structure, and Biz’zic and I were to be their new additions. They loaded us into a giant vessel pulled by two Mekillot, and crowded us into a small compartment with 4 others; three human slaves, and a beast-headed half-giant.

I do not know how long we traveled.. but every moment passed like a lifetime, I began to lose my nerve and my mind. I could no longer withstand the thought of being sent to my death, and hastily produced a plan of escape. I knew I could get us out of our bonds, however, escape on my own was not possible. I requested the help of the fellow slaves, and warned them of the pain that would be required to escape our bonds. The beast-headed half-giant, whom I now know as Gore, did not want to escape. I originally thought he had given up on his life, but I soon learned it was the wisest of us all. Despite his want to remain bound, I knew we would need his strength, and forced him and the other to be freed.

We had successfully reached the end of my plan, in my lucid state.. I did not plan past this point, and things were getting worse. I was already weak, from lack of food, and with the combination of using my psionics to free us, and the pain it caused, I was fading from life fast. Luckily, Biz’zic and Gore were more level headed than I. They began to rip the grating from the floor, however the guards had become alerted to our attempt at escape. They had nearly broken the grating free, when the overseer came, whom is a powerful psion. He ordered us to stop our attempts, or face death. I fear for Biz’zic, I tried to relay the overseer’s message through mental images, since Biz’zic does not speak common. However, the overseer could sense my psionics, and forced a bestial image on my mind. I soon lost consciousness after that. When I awoke we were bound again, and blindfolded.. they did not want us to escape.

After hours of waiting, meal time had finally come. Many guards entered our cell, as they began setting out our meal, our caravan came to a sudden halt. We heard a loud crash, like the sound of thunder, followed by the sound of many screams. We stood there helpless, bound, and blindfolded unaware of what new horror had come to us. A loud voice boomed through the halls, which I recognized to be of an elven tongue. He commanded that all should leave, and take nothing with them. The guards quickly fled from our cell, leaving the door open. I struggled in my binds trying to break free, but to no avail. Gore however, had a much easier time. With a loud snap, he broke from his binds, freeing the rest of us slaves. Again we had escaped but were now had to not only escape our guards, but elves also.

We had almost succeeded in tearing out the grate below us, so we continued to pull it completely out, for it seemed the safest way out of the caravan. When we reached the ground the vision before us was astounding. Many of the guards laid lifeless on the sand, while the caravan was surrounded by hundred of elves. We had become too frightened to move, even after they had begun setting fire to the caravan. Our time was running thin, and we had nothing to defend our self from one foe, let alone hundreds. Our only hope of surviving was surrender, I knew that some elves share a very thin kinship with slaves, and if we were lucky.. they wouldn’t kill us on the spot. I raised my hands in submission, and stepped out from below the caravan, quickly falling to my knees in surrender. An elf quickly approached me, and commanded that I take what I need to survive from the dead and leave.

We were able to grab an ample amount of supplies and protection from the dead guards at our feet, but were now faced with the dangers of Athas’s desert. We would not make it far on foot, however in the distance we saw that which could save us. The two mekillots which pulled our caravan had managed to break free and were wondering into the distance. I knew, being a psion, that I could control these beasts. I had much training in controlling the minds of men, how hard could a beast be? I soon found that this task is much, much more hard to do. When we reached the traveling mekillots, I established a mental link and commanded the creature to stop. The creatures stopped momentarily, before continuing on their way; their minds were flooded with the want for water. They are a hard creature to break when they want something.


A Little Knowledge

Tyr. That is your final destination, or so you have been told. This is not the destiny you have foreseen for yourself, you have suffered at the hands of House Resherek of Urik for months, tending their fields and being beasts of burden. How you got here, you barely remember now. But the future looks bleak. Sold to Tyr, your destiny now is to finish construction of Mad Kalak’s Grand Ziggurat. This you know is a death sentence, as you are already weak from lack of food, lack of water, you may not even survive the trip to Tyr. At least you are not alone in your misery. Two other “companions” share your fate…



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